Kontraktsbrudd ifm salg av frisørsalong

Publisert: 15.11.2019

Here is the long story short. I have a frisørsalong in Oslo/Frogner, and I am selling it. A lady wants to buy my salong, we have signed a contract about a month ago, she has met the owners of the salong but still havent signed their contract, she is supposed to take over on November first. Today, she came in the salon saying that she doesn’t have the money to pay the deposit. She ofcourse knew about all cost and all and it is written in the contract. My question is, what can I do now?


You should get in contact with a lawyer who will have the possibility to look into the contract and advice you. Normally a signed contract is legally binding for both parties.

Med vennlig hilsen, advokat Ida Helene Braastad Balke

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