Håndverker vil ha betalt for dårlig utført jobb

Publisert: 10.01.2018

I write to you because I would like to obtain legal advice about some constructions that I made in my house. The worker who did it demands the payment of the invoices and for which he opened a file in the Forliksrådet. The worker committed a lot of bad work, also that same worker did electrical installations saying that he was an electrician, which is not true, and the same electrical installations were supported and certified by his son who is an electrician. I do not know how to approach all this.


There is no correct answer for how to approach a case like this. However, if there are any defaults between the original agreement and the services that were provided, then you are free to dispute any claim which has been presented. This is something you can do when handling the case for the Conciliation Board.

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